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Hundreds of hours of courses to choose from

Designed by a team of Registered Nurses and Certified Nurse Educators, our courses offer flexible training in an easy to understand format, optimized for learning anytime & anywhere.

Assign your care team the courses they need to grow into more professional & effective caregivers.

Highly effective courses

Our courses are designed to be effective for multiple learning styles. We offer videos, course study guides, and interactive reviews to keep your care team engaged. Concepts are broken down into smaller pieces that allow your caregivers to learn whenever they have the time, and from any device.

This leads to higher completion rates, higher caregiver satisfaction, and a higher standard of care, all delivered at a cost that is far lower than traditional training.

Stay on top of training

Our training platform allows you to follow along as your caregivers continue their training. Know which caregivers are actively training, and who may be falling behind. Get alerts when your caregivers complete courses.

Review exam scores from completed courses to find areas where your caregivers may need additional training, and download certificates of completion for your records.

The care industry is adopting online training solutions, but more than half of care companies aren’t training their care staff online yet.

Don’t get left behind. Companies that incorporate online training successfully recruit more caregivers, have higher caregiver retention, and achieve better care outcomes.

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Lesson content designed with the goal of delivering better care outcomes.

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