Providing Perineal Care

Providing Perineal Care

Providing perineal care is an essential aspect of maintaining personal hygiene and comfort for patients who are unable to perform this task themselves. Perineal care involves cleaning the genital and anal areas to prevent infection, irritation, and odor. This course is designed for individuals who are new to providing perineal care, such as caregivers, nursing assistants, and family members. The course covers the necessary steps, techniques, and considerations for providing safe and effective perineal care.

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  • Lessons: 7
  • Number of tests: 3
  • Hours: 1.0 hours
  • Students who are studying this course: 266
What you will learn
  • Importance of perineal care
  • Common conditions that may require perineal care
  • Proper hand hygiene and infection control
  • Essential supplies needed for perineal care
  • Step-by-step guide to providing perineal care
  • Special considerations for male and female patients
  • How to maintain privacy and dignity while providing care


    • Importance of Perineal CareImportance of Perineal Care
    • 3 mins
    • Common Conditions Requiring Perineal CareCommon Conditions Requiring Perineal Care
    • 12 mins
    • Hand Hygiene and Infection ControlHand Hygiene and Infection Control
    • 4 mins
    • Knowledge Review Knowledge Review
    • 4 mins
    • Supplies for Perineal and Catheter CareSupplies for Perineal and Catheter Care
    • 6 mins
    • Providing Perineal Care: Step-by-Step Guide and Turning TechniquesProviding Perineal Care: Step-by-Step Guide and Turning Techniques
    • 4 mins
    • Special Considerations for Male PatientsSpecial Considerations for Male Patients
    • 4 mins
    • Knowledge Review Knowledge Review
    • 4 mins
    • Special Considerations for Female PatientsSpecial Considerations for Female Patients
    • 5 mins
    • Exam- Providing Perineal Care Exam- Providing Perineal Care
    • 15 mins

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