Safety and Emergencies

Safety and Emergencies

In this course, we will discuss common injuries in the home and how to prevent them. Additionally, we will discuss possible emergencies you may encounter when working with clients in their homes.

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  • Lessons: 5
  • Number of tests: 2
  • Hours: 1.0 hours
  • Students who are studying this course: 91
What you will learn
  • Identify common injuries in the home and describe how to prevent them
  • Describe what to do in an emergency
  • Describe how to administer first aid and when to call for help
  • Describe what to do if you need to be evacuated
  • Outline what should be included in a disaster kit
  • Describe how you would stay safe in a disaster


    • Introduction to Safety and EmergenciesIntroduction to Safety and Emergencies
    • 3 mins
    • Injuries in the HomeInjuries in the Home
    • 17 mins
    • EmergenciesEmergencies
    • 17 mins
    • First AidFirst Aid
    • 34 mins
    • Knowledge Review Knowledge Review
    • 2 mins
    • Disasters and EvacuationsDisasters and Evacuations
    • 9 mins
    • Exam - Safety and Emergencies Exam - Safety and Emergencies
    • 15 mins

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