The Urinary System

The Urinary System

In this course you will be introduced to the parts and functions of the urinary system. Additionally, you will learn about common conditions of the urinary system.

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  • Lessons: 4
  • Number of tests: 2
  • Hours: 1.0 hours
  • Students who are studying this course: 215
What you will learn
  • Describe parts of the urinary system
  • Explain the function of the urinary system
  • Explain common conditions of the urinary system


    • Introduction to the Urinary SystemIntroduction to the Urinary System
    • 2 mins
    • Parts of the Urinary SystemParts of the Urinary System
    • 9 mins
    • Functions of the Urinary SystemFunctions of the Urinary System
    • 7 mins
    • Common Urinary ConditionsCommon Urinary Conditions
    • 34 mins
    • Knowledge Review Knowledge Review
    • 2 mins
    • Exam - The Urinary System Exam - The Urinary System
    • 15 mins

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