Understanding Dementia

Understanding Dementia

Understanding Dementia is a comprehensive course designed to provide a deeper insight into the various types of dementia, their symptoms, causes, and management strategies. This course aims to enhance the knowledge and skills of healthcare professionals who interact with people living with dementia. By understanding the complexities of dementia, participants will be better equipped to support affected individuals and their families, improve the quality of care, and promote a more compassionate approach to dementia care.

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  • Lessons: 10
  • Number of tests: 4
  • Hours: 1.5 hours
  • Students who are studying this course: 103
What you will learn
  • Recognize the early signs and symptoms of dementia
  • Understand the causes and risk factors associated with dementia
  • Learn about the stages of dementia and their progression
  • Discuss the importance of early diagnosis and intervention
  • Explore various assessment tools and diagnostic procedures
  • Understand the principles of person-centered dementia care
  • Learn about various non-pharmacological and pharmacological interventions
  • Discuss the role of caregivers and support services in dementia care
  • Understand the ethical and legal considerations in dementia care
  • Understand the pathology of dementia
  • Understand the difference between normal aging and dementia


    • Introduction to Dementia: Definition and TypesIntroduction to Dementia: Definition and Types
    • 8 mins
    • Early Signs and Symptoms of DementiaEarly Signs and Symptoms of Dementia
    • 6 mins
    • Causes and Risk Factors of DementiaCauses and Risk Factors of Dementia
    • 7 mins
    • Knowledge Review Knowledge Review
    • 4 mins
    • Stages and Progression of DementiaStages and Progression of Dementia
    • 6 mins
    • Importance of Early Diagnosis and InterventionImportance of Early Diagnosis and Intervention
    • 6 mins
    • Assessment Tools and Diagnostic ProceduresAssessment Tools and Diagnostic Procedures
    • 9 mins
    • Knowledge Review Knowledge Review
    • 4 mins
    • Person-Centered Dementia CarePerson-Centered Dementia Care
    • 4 mins
    • Non-Pharmacological and Pharmacological InterventionsNon-Pharmacological and Pharmacological Interventions
    • 4 mins
    • Caregivers and Support Services in Dementia CareCaregivers and Support Services in Dementia Care
    • 11 mins
    • Knowledge Review Knowledge Review
    • 4 mins
    • Ethical and Legal Considerations in Dementia CareEthical and Legal Considerations in Dementia Care
    • 8 mins
    • Exam- Understanding Dementia Exam- Understanding Dementia
    • 15 mins

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